LG SIGNATURE Takes Design Inspiration from these Four Global Cities

LG SIGNATURE Takes Design Inspiration from these Four Global Cities
LG is committed to providing cutting-edge electronics that work best for the way you live without compromising style. It’s a tall order but the brand continues to refresh its perspective by finding new, impeccable sources of inspiration. This holds true with the LG SIGNATURE range which is inspired by four global cities including Dubai, Moscow, Milan and Sydney. To bring the art of essence to life, LG collaborated with four accomplished photographers to highlight how the architecture of these cities translates into the artistic design of LG SIGNATURE products.


LG SIGNATURE appliances that mirror the awe inspiring structures and spectacular skylines of Dubai add a touch of style and luxury to any home. Photographers Anthony Lamb and Dany Eid captured the Middle Eastern city’s futuristic aesthetic masterfully. In contrast, the history of Moscow offers old world charm underscored by its fast paced lifestyle and Konstantin Grimov brought these juxtaposed features to life. Milan, the capital of fashion, was captured by Photographer Settimio Benedusi. The elegance and sophistication of this city inspired the ability of LG SIGNATURE products to double as art pieces. Finally, LG SIGNATURE takes cues from Sydney to infuse nature into its design. The Sydney Opera House, an architectural marvel based on bird wings and the shape of clouds, embodies the ethos of LG SIGNATURE. Matthew Sleeth translated the essence of Sydney which is a beacon of nature to influence LG SIGNATURE product design.


LG Electronics always strives to refine products from the inside out because life’s about more than having the latest technology. It’s about the experiences technology creates and LG SIGNATURE gives you the best of both worlds. To learn more about LG SIGNATURE, visit the LG website, here.

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