I Love Luxury: Emirates Mall, Dubai

Yesterday, the family and I spent the day in Dubai at Mall of the Emirates. This is a huge mall with something for everyone. There’s a big Carrefour on the ground floor, Borders bookstore, two level toy store and famous brands like H&M, Zara, Bebe and Victoria’s Secret to name a few. With a corridor for furniture and housewares, another for local merchandise like oil lamps, shishas and persian rugs, there’s nothing you could possibly need and not find at Emirates Mall. But that’s not what makes this mall great; It’s how they accommodate the high end, luxury shopper that’s most impressive.

We entered the mall from the parking garage and randomly chose a direction to start walking. We passed scores of furniture stores like The One, Marina Home and iDesign. After a while I became comfortable seeing one home store after another: they were beautiful, some were making workshops on how to clean microfiber or other materials. Finally, we approached an open area and it was time to choose another corridor to browse. I looked to my left and looked to my right and that’s when it happened. I was immediately on sensory overload. Designer brands were everywhere. As soon as my eyes sent the signal to my brain to process what was in front of me, my purview would change again…Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo, Georgio Armani…I called out to my husband and child who were not affected at all…Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Tiffany…I continued to recite. My husband looked at me inquisitively as if he was thinking, “Are you okay?”. I calmed down, took out the camera and chose a direction to start this fanciful pictorial of endless luxury, all under one roof, for you, my readers.

“Luxury Row” was unlike any other section of the mall. It was raised. There were three marble steps flanked by Mediterranean styled posts and rails made of stone. The stores themselves sparkled and shined. There were stores along each side and an Emporio Armani cafe at the very end. The entire corridor was reminiscent of Rodeo Drive. The luxury brands weren’t limited to this space only. As we made our way to nearby niches there was even more to marvel. I took photos of every notable store that I saw. According to the mall directory, there are some hidden gems that I missed like Christian Louboutin. A Chanel store is opening soon so perhaps I’ll capture the iconic retailers of black and white and red bottoms on a future visit.

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