Huawei Life Labs: Using the P9 Camera in Bur Dubai

Huawei Life Labs: Using the P9 Camera in Bur Dubai

Huawei Arabia held a Life Labs session to give media and digital influencers hands-on experience with the brand new Huawei P9 smartphone. The device features Leica dual rear cameras with two sensors – one RGB and the other monochrome that take vivid, crisp photos that capture every detail. The camera’s supporting software also enables you to do pre and post editing with a host of features like shooting modes, aperture, filters and more.


The Setup

We all met at JamJar in Al Quoz, Dubai. Three professional photographers were commissioned to lead groups of novice shutterbugs like myself on a photography excursion. We were split into three teams, dispatched to three different locations and given a Huawei P9 to use. My team, led by Hassan Kiyany, went to Bur Dubai – more commonly known as old Dubai – where there’s culture, history and tons of interesting people. The area has many subjects for great photos.

Hassan Kiyany demonstrating on the Huawei P9

The Photo Walk

As we trekked through cobblestone pathways lined with merchants and ogling salesmen, Kiyany gave us pointers on how to use the camera on the Huawei P9. He reminded us to use shadows and light to bring depth to our photos – an aspect of photography that’s enhanced by the P9’s features. With ‘hybrid focus’ technology and depth measurement, the device captures every layer of detail in a photo. Kiyany also shared the best way to capture people in motion. He suggested we pick a spot near a major thoroughfare and stand still, setup the shot by framing the background and shoot as people enter and exit the frame. The method was simple and noninvasive but it wouldn’t have been possible without a quick focusing camera with fast shutter speed. My favorite feature was aperture mode. I liked having the ability to choose the focal point of my photo during and after shooting. Kiyany did warn me not to go overboard with it though because the amount of blur in a photo should be realistic. Here are some of my snaps from the day.




The Verdict

After the photo walk each participant was tasked with submitting their best photo of the day for a chance to win a Huawei P9. There was a winner from each team; one from Bur Dubai, one from the Yacht tour and one from the desert tour. The winner from my group snapped a gripping portrait of a man who looked to be in deep thought. Here he is below, receiving his brand new Huawei P9.


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