How to give your kid a cool haircut at home

How to give your kid a cool haircut at home
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I have a house full of boys and when barbershops were closed to curb the spread of covid-19, lockdown wasn’t looking so good. My husband and sons who usually visit the barber every two weeks were nearing 5 weeks without a fresh cut so I had to up skill and help them out – well, help my sons out because my husband hasn’t let me anywhere near his head. My baby boy had full confidence in my ability though and that’s why I can tell you how to achieve his cute little Mohawk haircut at home. 

Educate yourself

Youtube tutorials are great for learning basic barbering techniques. The only downside is there are a ton of options to choose from and finding the right one can be very time consuming. To narrow your results and get closer to your goal, I recommend searching for a specific type of haircut. For example, I searched for “boys fade haircut tutorials” which returned options closely aligned with what I wanted to achieve. 

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Ultimately, it was a video by Enemy Cutz that showed me everything I needed to know. What I appreciated most was the simplicity of his cutting style and the fact that he used only one setting on the clippers. I watched his 15-minute video over and over across several days before I felt confident enough to take the plunge and I suggest you do the same. Find a video that shows you exactly what you need to know and study it. 

Special shout out to Danielle LaShawn for her awesome video that also gave me pointers.

Tool up 

The first thing you’ll need is a good pair of clippers. This was yet another learning curve for me but after searching the net and sifting through reviews, I chose the Wahl Color Pro Haircutting Kit. This clipper kit (I highly recommend buying a kit) came with everything I needed to get started except a cape but I worked that out with a beach towel and a binder clip. 

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Here’s where I dropped the ball – we didn’t own any seating high enough to facilitate this process so I had my boy sitting on top of two sofa pillows in a dining room chair the first time I cut his hair. It wasn’t comfortable for either of us. By the second cut, we scored a high back bar stool on sale from Ace Hardware. 

Wahl Color Pro Kit

Be confident 

Last but not least, be confident. The last thing you want to do is approach this with nerves or shaky hands. If you spend adequate time learning and acquiring the right tools, you’ll be fine. 

Although I’ve spent countless hours watching my boys get haircuts and consumed equally as many tutorials on Youtube, barbering is still harder than it looks. I am extremely proud of the plug-free, even-at-a-glance haircut that I was able to give my boy but I still need to work on blending. Practice makes perfect and since these kids are still restricted from going anywhere, I’ve got all the time I need to succeed. 

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