#Hashtags Officially on Facebook

#Hashtags Officially on Facebook

Social SticksFor some time now I have seen Facebook posts with what used to be useless hashtags in them. I wondered what the purpose was since hashtags weren’t clickable, searchable or usable in any way. Well now I know what was happening. Facebook users were telling the gatekeepers of the most used social media platform to enable hashtags. And so, they did.

Hashtags are now a functioning part of Facebook. They can be used to organize topics and conversations which makes communication on the social site easier. If you’re unfamiliar with hashtags, they are words or phrases preceded by the (#) sign. For example, #tech or #lovebugs. They have long been used on fellow social network, Twitter.

My thoughts…this is a nice improvement but not particularly necessary. I like the differences between Facebook and Twitter and enjoy using the features of each platform separately. Facebookers also address each other using Twitter profile names. For example, My cousin might refer to me in a Facebook post as @GlobalGazette instead of Tamara Clarke (My name on Facebook). Is this another overt cry? And will they listen? If Twitter profile names become active on Facebook, the two should marry and be called, Tweetbook.

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