From VR to Cinema with a Twist: 2 Things You MUST Try This Weekend

From VR to Cinema with a Twist: 2 Things You MUST Try This Weekend

Experience Small Screen Cinema

Enjoy a unique cinema experience using the one and only Yoga Tab 3 Pro – the new HD tablet with a built-in projector. The device can be used in four different modes, and supports up-to 18-hours of battery life, making it the ultimate tablet for entertainment. The setup…. 1 pop-up theatre, 2 seats, you, a friend and a video projected by Lenovo’s Yoga Tab 3 Pro. The showcase will take place in two locations across Dubai for your convenience. See a movie on the small screen at City Walk Jumeirah from March 24 – March 26 or at Box Park Jumeirah from March 31 – April 2 between 10 am to 12 am.

All Around Fun with Samsung

As part of a global tour, Samsung is set to host the Galaxy Studio in Dubai between 25 March and 14 April 2016. Featuring the entire ecosystem of Galaxy devices, the Galaxy Studio will occupy a 144 sqm pop-up space in the South Galleria of Mall of the Emirates. Korean pop sensations SPICA will take over the Studio on 26 March as part of an exclusive meet-and-greet with fans. On 20 April, the Galaxy Studio will move to the Waterfall Atrium at Dubai Mall, the region’s largest and the world’s second biggest mall that averages over 200,000 visitors a day. The Studio will run until 30 April before moving to another global hotspot.

Visitors will have the opportunity to test the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in a variety of conditions via specially designed zones. You can also test the phones’ compatibility with Gear VR as part of a 4D movie theater experience. Visitors can choose between experiencing rides such as the ‘Twisted Colossus’ and ‘Tatsu’ at the Six Flags theme park in California or get the adrenaline rush from a thrilling ski jump at Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games, from the comfort of where you’re sitting in the mall.


But wait – there’s more. Visitors who upload pictures from their experiences, especially from the Camera photo wall, to dedicated social media channels, stand to win exciting giveaways. The Gear 360 is a compact spherical camera that is capable of capturing 360 degree imagery by using two 180 degree fisheye lenses, allowing everyday users to create their own VR content. A circular room will showcase a whole new content universe arising from the confluence of the Gear 360, S7, S7 edge and Gear VR. Visitors must collect a minimum of three stickers across the various experiences inside the cube in order to access the VR Theater and to qualify for the giveaway and prize draw. Customers who buy either the S7 or S7 edge can fast-track through the lines, availing of express tickets to take them through the various experiences.

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