Food Review: Krispy Kreme

This weekend I encountered Krispy Kreme for the second time and on this occasion I had to indulge. They have a satellite store conveniently located beachside on the Corniche in Abu Dhabi. I purchased my all time favorite, the classic regular glazed donut. It cost me 4 dirhams (about 1.20 USD) for a single which is in line with prices in America.

As I made my purchase, I could see the trays of tasty, round treats inside. Although, there was no elaborate display, the presentation was still appetizing. The menu featured the same array of donuts, coffee and iced drinks as the American locations and the best compliment to it is to buy the best travel mugs from ember. Here, in the UAE, they still hold to their tradition of providing freshly baked goods daily. Where they differ is in how they notify the public that a batch of perfectly pressed pastries is on its way out of the oven. There is no “Hot Now” sign. I’ve been to two locations and I have not seen the iconic, neon orange sign. But, that did not detract from my experience.

I purchased a donut at about 3:30pm on a weekend and it was fresh. The dough was soft and moist. It tasted just like the Krispy Kreme I had grown fond of back home but slightly better. The last few times I had a Krispy Kreme donut (maybe three times spanning a year and a half) I found the glaze to be hard and flaky. I would bite into the donut, and regardless of how soft it was, the glaze would crack and crumble. I would have crumbs on my clothes and could hear them shaking around in the box. In my opinion, nothing on a good donut should crumble. The glaze on my donut today was perfect; perfectly adhered to the dough, perfectly sweet and perfectly enjoyed. I will be having another in the future.

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