Have you ever tried veal bacon? I have. In America bacon typically comes in two varieties…pork bacon and turkey bacon. Here in the UAE, where a kosher diet is preferred, pork is not widely available. I’ve only seen it sold in Spinney’s which tends to target western shoppers. Consequently, turkey and beef are the varieties of bacon offered by all of the grocers and restaurants.

Quality. The UAE does not subscribe to the practice of pumping animals with steroids or adding preservatives to food. I tried a brand of bacon called Khazan which raises grass-fed cows. They produce beef bacon that does not contain sodium nitrite, nitrates, pork, corn, soy, artificial colors or preservatives. As a result, the food is fresh and better for human consumption but lasts fewer days in the refrigerator and produces smaller yields. By smaller yields I mean that the animals are smaller and therefore the cuts of meat are smaller. Bacon strips here are about half the length of bacon strips in other places.

Taste. Veal bacon has a distinct taste and I like it. It does not cook to the crispy consistency of pork bacon. The veal bacon has a texture that’s best described as a blend between canadian bacon and ham.

Where to Buy. Veal bacon is available at all of the major grocery stores in Abu Dhabi to include Spinney’s, Carrefour and LuLu’s. In America, Whole Foods Market has a selection of veal. The website did not specifically mention veal bacon as a product it sells, but if you’re looking I would start there.

Check out pictures of veal bacon here https://www.facebook.com/TheGlobalGazette.