First Ride at Shahama Equestrian Club

Pony Ride Shahama Equestrian Club
Pony Ride Shahama Equestrian Club

Pony Clubs are all the rage throughout the emirate. We took our 13 month old for his first ride at the Shahama Equestrian Club. I wondered how my little guy would take to the new activity since his father went bananas the first time he was put on a horse. The entire drive there, I kept reflecting on a story that my mother-in-law told me about my husband and a horse. She said he kicked, screamed and climbed vertically up his father. He was not a willing participant. After a violent showing, my husband agreed to ride with two conditions; with his father and he would sit behind him. My son mildly protested in the beginning, but with a little convincing, he warmed to the idea. Check it out in the video clip below.

Shahama is a nice, moderately sized club with tons of ponies and horses. It lacks the frills of the Royal Stables, located in the city of Abu Dhabi, but it has a variety of animals. In between rides, we went sightseeing with our little one. We saw a family of ducks and even monkeys.  The staff was nice and personable and so were the other parents.

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They all made us feel welcome. The only downside was the blazing heat! At 8:30 am it was already terribly hot. We plan to definitely return for more sessions but have decided to postpone pony riding until the fall. Saturday morning riding sessions are only 30 AED per kid. If you’re thinking about engaging your child in this activity and live off island, definitely consider the Shahama Equestrian Club. Enjoy the clip of our pony ride below. To see pictures from the day, visit our Facebook page here.


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