My Visit to VIP Lounge UAE

My Visit to VIP Lounge UAE

The Real Housewives of Abu Dhabi coordinators were invited to experience VIP Lounge UAE, a service that “pampers the stars in style”. VIP Lounge UAE describes itself as “the perfect place for celebrities and VIPs to take a break from their hectic schedules and relax”. It opened 1st November, offering gifts and treats from a collection of international brands in the fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle worlds. VIP Lounge UAE runs everyday during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

patronThe lounge was located inside Ferrari World which is situated in the midst of all the Grand Prix action, on Yas Island. The set up was quaint and secluded. The area was framed by branded stations from renowned companies. My favorites were Blackberry, Lipsy London, Make Up Forever and Police. Another honorable mention would be the bar, sponsored by Patron. One of the housewives helped herself to a shot, but I’m not telling who. What happens in the VIP Lounge, stays in the VIP Lounge. LOL

Inez spent some time with the ladies from Make Up Forever. They gave her a mini makeover and some tips about applying a great face of makeup. She left with an enhanced look and product samples. Check out pictures from her mini makeup session below.

The ladies representing Lipsy London were professional and fashionable. Their station was a well staged wardrobe room. You know, like the kind you’d find in a multimillion dollar home. It was nicely outfitted with a golden colored wardrobe that housed pieces from their newest collection.  They gave me a cute little press kit which included a pair of sunglasses, 50% off coupon and heart shaped flash drive that doubles as a key chain. I intend to use it to learn more about the company.


There was a spa-like room set aside where pedicures were being done. When I visited, there was someone occupying the pedicure chair. A gentlemen, with lots to say, approached to explain this new process he developed for a pedicure. In a nutshell, and far fewer words than he used, the pedicure system is waterless, requires that your toe nails be drilled and still takes one hour. I’m not sure how effective this service turned out to be as there was only one manicurist working. In my opinion, one manicurist servicing the event isn’t able to give the pedicures with the time and attention that would leave one feeling like a VIP.

policeOn our way out, I chatted with a representative from Police. She was positioned in front of two display towers full of Police brand accessories. There were plenty of gorgeous watches, bracelets and ink pens but I was very interested in the watches and a friend told me about watch gang to get really good quality watches, if you want to know what it is about then learn more here. The rep commented on how certain pieces were being customized for the stars that they anticipated stopping by the lounge. She then pointed out a few pieces and told us who they were intended for. I vetoed her suggestion for Sean Kingston, noting that he’s young, from Jamaica and would likely want something blinged out or vivid as opposed to the understated piece she had chosen. I wonder if she took my advice.

So far, VIP Lounge UAE has confirmed visits from Akon, Sean Kingston (and his mom), MUSE, John from Swedish House Mafia, Sir Christopher Hoy and football legend Maradonna.




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