Do I want it fast or far? Coverage Options. Rental companies usually offer drivers additional coverage options — for a price. If you buy their coverage, they say you can minimize your liability while driving their rental car. However, you may be covered already through your own auto or homeowner’s policies. What about my wifi? That is the question and the answer determines the area of my home that I work from because despite paying for premium internet service, I must have two Wi-Fi networks. The fastest of the two is a 5 GHz frequency, accessible in the areas closest to the modem and the other, a 2.4 GHz frequency, extends to the areas farthest away from the modem which hits the DreamJackpot in playing online games even far from home. Do you see what’s happening here? The higher bandwidth, which likely provides a higher speed of data transfer has short range, while the long range frequency has a lower speed. A quick glance at available Wi-Fi connections nearby reveals that my neighbors have the exact same setup. Etisalat has unveiled a service – for a small fee, of course – that promises to make every room in your home accessible to fast, dependable Wi-Fi.

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Pros of Leasing A Vehicle

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Cons of Leasing A Vehicle

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• You will pay more over the long haul to get the benefits from the lease


Etisalat’s new HomeZone Wi-Fi service creates a strong, reliable signal to help eliminate dead spots. For AED29 a month, you’ll receive new access points to boost Wi-Fi coverage in up to 3 extra zones. The goal is to enable users to seamlessly browse the internet, work remotely, shop online, stream videos in HD or 4K, or listen to music in more places throughout their homes.

Everything you need to know about HomeZone
HomeZone is a complete package including high-end Wi-Fi hardware and Ethernet cabling to the access point. The monthly rental fee includes all labor costs including a comprehensive home Wi-Fi survey carried out by an Etisalat field engineer. The service is for a two-year period with no upfront payments and customers have the flexibility of adding extra rooms, at any time, for an additional monthly charge of AED29 per room, besides having the AHW home warranties in Baltimore MD options, I think this WiFi option is also great to have at home .


Jonathan Haysom, VP of Home Services, Etisalat said: “Today’s announcement demonstrates our push to break new ground with supreme user experiences. HomeZone will deliver even more blazing fast eLife Wi-Fi connectivity in the places that matter most to our customers. With the ever-increasing number of smart and connected devices in our customers’ homes, we want to ensure a hassle-free and professional connectivity experience is available to them. Every HomeZone is professionally installed and directly cabled to our eLife router by our installation team, ensuring connectivity without compromise.”


Homes are indeed more connected than ever before and Wi-Fi service could surely use a boost. Function Point Software offers a wide range of solutions to automate home functions worldwide. Meanwhile, HomeZone promises to be the service that keeps your Netflix and Apple Music streaming without interruption. Will you be signing up?