End of year gifts: Teachers tell us what they really want

End of year gifts: Teachers tell us what they really want
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It’s that time of year again when parents and students are looking for ways to show gratitude to teachers as the school year draws to a close. End of year gift ideas are being tossed around in parent Whatsapp groups, but I’m left with one question – what do teachers really want?

Some use this time to bestow sentimental doodads (and chocolate) on teachers but I say down with flowers, photo books and anything creative. Give them something that they can spend or experience. 

When I served as class parent, our teachers always left campus on the last day of school with something to spend. Gift cards were always my go-to item and in one instance, we gave our teacher cold, hard cash because she was repatriating.

Teachers weigh in

Either way you stack it, parents are just out here guessing so I asked teachers to set the record straight via a poll on Twitter and the results are in. Within the first five minutes of the poll, which ran for 24 hours total, the respondents voted in favor of gift cards by 100%. 

Those early responses set the tone for the final results as 70% of respondents prefer gift cards, 15% prefer cash, 10% want memorabilia and 5% would appreciate receiving flowers.  

Give it up

So, the verdict here is when in doubt, go with a gift card. If you’re wondering how to pull this off with e-learning underway, give parents the option to make a bank transfer into the class parent’s bank account. 

That trusted individual can then purchase any number of e-gift cards, which can be delivered electronically via email. Amazon.ae is a great option that comes to mind. Alternatively, a physical gift card can be purchased and delivered to the teacher…from a distance, of course. 

See, it’s not hard to organize, execute but most of all, give teachers what they really want. 

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