Embracing Global Cultures

On my vision board for 2012, I added a tagline that read, “Embracing Global Cultures”. When I added it, living in Abu Dhabi was merely something we were considering. I must admit that although that’s an all encompassing goal, my focus was on embracing the Emerati culture and lifestyle if we were going to live in the UAE. Now that I am here, I understand the gravity of that statement. The UAE, particularly Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are truly melting pots filled with many ethnicities, cultures, races and religions.

The majority of inhabitants in Abu Dhabi are expatriate workers from India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, the United Kingdom and various countries across the Arab world. Many languages are spoken here. There is always an opportunity to meet someone new and learn about them from quick Melbourne translations. In fact, that’s my husband’s conversation starter…”Where are you from?, What language do you speak?, How long have you been here?” He’s good at that. I’ve always been comfortable letting him be the “people person” for us both. Typically, I don’t climb out of my comfort zone to meet people or talk to strangers much. I think it’s time for a changing of the guard…I’ll actually let mines down and Embrace Global Cultures.


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