Delicious NEW menu items you must try at Stills

Delicious NEW menu items you must try at Stills

Stills at Crown Plaza Yas Island, has remixed its menu by combining new items with signature favorites. Diners can expect the same level of quality and taste with a twist.


What’s new?

The menu features twelve new items across the categories of starters, burgers, mains and deserts. Choices like Stills Flatbed, Quinoa Sliders and Pan-Seared Crispy Skin Mediterranean Sea Bass make choosing a new option to try exceptionally hard but I started with the Chilli Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Sweet and spicy soya glazed chicken, toasted peanuts and fried glass noodles are combined in wefts of iceberg lettuce and topped with fresh cilantro, creating a distinct fusion of flavors. The lettuce was served at room temperature and the chicken was warm, not exceptionally hot, so that the temperatures wouldn’t contrast causing the lettuce to welt. Consequently, the wraps remained crisp. The dish includes three generously sized wraps making this starter an idea choice as a main for a light dinner. Be careful though, because these wraps deliver a punch of spice in every bite.

NEW! Chilli Chicken Lettuce Wraps
NEW! Hot Chocolate Cake

Main stays

Not all burgers are created equal and the Stills Burger is indeed superior. Every part of the burger from the sesame bun to the Wagyu beef patty to the warm toppings was soft. It seemed to melt in my mouth. The meat was prepared well done, as requested, but it wasn’t over cooked or dry. It was served with a side a fries and cole slaw. After finishing the appetizer, I was only able to eat half of the burger. I took the remaining half home to my husband who enjoyed it as well. He commented: “This is a pretty good burger – even cold”.

Stills Burger
Blueberry Blush cocktail

Kids Cuisine

Accommodating my kids is always a point of concern when dining out. They are picky little people with limited palettes so restaurants are usually hit or miss and we tend to miss most of the time. To my surprise, our experience was totally different at Stills. My little ones tried two entrees from the kid’s menu: the chicken nuggets and the mini Stills Burger. With the exception of few stray fries, they both ate all of their food and subsequently enjoyed two scoops of ice cream (available flavors are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry) for dessert. When asked by another diner what rating he would give his burger out of 10, my five year old cheerfully replied, “Ten!”

Note: They have appropriately sized food portions for kids but the cups are not kid friendly. Juice initially arrived in glasses, which they happily changed out for plastic beer cups. Just bring your own. LOL

Serve it up

The staff was polite and accommodating. We were greeted immediately and shown to our table. Because the weather is still mild, we were able to eat on the outdoor patio which has multiple seating options, a lush grassy area where kids can move around a bit and picturesque scenery. At sunset, the area was illuminated by LED lights, inlaid along the entryway and soft white lights adorning the shrubbery. The ambiance was calm and serene, even with a Real Madrid match playing on the flat screen TV behind me. We deliberately sat so that the kids could see it, which worked wonders with keeping them settled while we waited for the food. We arrived around 6 p.m. and although there were only about 2 other tables occupied at the time, it still took longer than expected for our food to arrive. The courses weren’t timed well either as my starter and main dishes arrived at the same time.

The Verdict

Stills is great choice for casual dining off island. Located inside the Crown Plaza Hotel on Yas Island, it’s in a prime location. The restaurant has a well appointed indoor dining area to accommodate all weather conditions. There are a variety of ways to enjoy an evening at Stills with themed nights like Ladies Night on Thursdays, Steak Night on Wednesdays and Friday brunch. Last, but definitely not least, the food is really good. There’s something on the menu for everyone – even the littlest patrons.

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