Deco X60 Mesh delivers better home Wi-Fi

Deco X60 Mesh delivers better home Wi-Fi

Deco X60, the new Wi-Fi 6 whole home mesh Wi-Fi system by TP-Link, keeps your home network efficient. With Wi-Fi 6’s revolutionary combination of OFDMA and MU-MIMO technologies, Deco X60 builds a better network that quadruples the average throughput on connected devices in the home and promises to improve network capacity, cut down on latency, and ensure a responsive network. I put it to the test and here’s how Deco X60 performed…

Deco X60 box

What’s in the box? 

Simply put – everything. Deco X60 is best described as a kit which includes three routers (or nodes) with adapters. 

The routers have a minimalist design – white, cylinder shaped devices – which enables them to blend in with home decor. Each router has two Ethernet ports and one for the power adapter down the backside and rubber feet on the bottom to protect furniture against scratches. In terms of hardware, the kit comes with everything you need to plug and play. 

Set up 

Setup was straightforward and painless. You simply download the TP-Link Deco app, which is available on both Android and iOS, plug in the devices and follow the steps in the app. It’s pretty intuitive but these steps are also written in plain sight inside the box. It took only a few minutes to set up all three units and establish high speed Wi-Fi throughout my home. 

Deco X60 routers


All in all, the mesh system did exactly what it’s intended to but here are a few things that stood out:

The Deco app tells you where to position your nodes for maximum coverage. 

Deco X60 can reach throughput speeds of 3,000Mbps and boasts a coverage area up to 7,000 square feet. My flat doesn’t come close to exceeding that so coverage was not a problem. 

You can roam around the house with one WiFi name. So here’s the deal. My regular Wi-Fi setup established by my ISP has two networks; one with higher speed and limited reach for areas closest to the main router and one with slower speed and farther reach to provide Wi-Fi to areas farthest away from the main router. We typically switch between the two when moving around but the deco units gave a unified network. 

The system offers antivirus and parental control features

Whether you’re working from home, managing e-learning or doing a combination of the two, a good home Wi-Fi network is essential and Deco X60 is a solid choice to keep you connected. 

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