Customize your face mask for a worthy cause

Customize your face mask for a worthy cause
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Trends change from year to year but no one could’ve predicted that the must-have fashion accessory of 2020 would be a surgical mask. Nonetheless, we are here now and our new normal – as well as the UAE government – requires that we all wear face masks in public so why not make them fashionable? 

Mask Mee, a socially responsible company founded in March 2020, is doing just that. The company aims to help you stay healthy and fashionable with face masks available in 29 different designs for women and 5 for men. 

The masks, which are made from a cotton and polyester blended material are said to be both comfortable and stylish. While the masks are NOT surgical grade, a filter can be inserted between the double-layer of fabric giving you better protection against covid-19. 

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The masks are reusable, which eliminates the waste associated with disposable masks and maintenance is a breeze. Simply wash the mask by hand and lay it out or pop it in the dryer for a few minutes in between use. 

As movement increases and offices reopen, masks will become essential work attire too and Mask Mee makes it possible for organizations to welcome workers back with customized gift by adding logos to masks. 

Mask Mee is also doing its bit to help the community by contributing a percentage of their sales towards masks for those who really need them. 

Mask Mee masks are available for purchase at for AED 85. Remember, masks alone can’t keep you from contracting covid-19. Please stay safe by washing your hands and adhering to the rules of social distancing. 

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