Christmas decor done right with Bosch power tools

Christmas decor done right with Bosch power tools

It’s time to deck the house with holly and other holiday décor but first you’ll need the right tools. Whether you’re hanging a wreath to welcome guests or mounting this year’s festive photo, Bosch has everything you need to get the job done in a snap.

Level up

man with laser bosch leveler

The first thing you must do is mark the spot and the Zamo set helps you keep everything straight…literally. This handy adaptable laser measure comes with three useful attachments including tape, wheel and line adaptors for measuring distances, objects and areas as well as aligning objects on the wall. That means it can be used to measure the circumference of your Christmas as well as hanging up pictures, which I tried.

It’s definitely a two-person job as there’s nothing to rest the device on while marking the wall and hanging the frame. The laser light beam is a big improvement over traditional levellers, but here’s what we did wrong. Initially, we tried to beam the laser across the wall horizontally to make a straight line and that is virtually impossible with unsteady hands. No one can hold the device still enough to make that work – no one. What you’re supposed to do however is explained in this Youtube video on It helped us out a lot!

We’re screwed

If you’ve ever used a screwdriver you know that twisting and torque can be torturous on your hand unless you have the IXO 3.6 V Cordless Screwdriver. This little tool, which comes with 10 bits and a micro-USB charging cable is a game changer. The tool has multiple grip positions and its small enough to fit comfortably in my hand. Plus, the soft grip covering makes it a lot more comfortable to use than a manual screwdriver. This automated screwdriver made household tasks like putting together a new bookshelf and tightening lose screws on beds that have been jumped on a snap. 

You know the drill

The Cordless Hammer Drill and X-Line Bit Set are great to have on deck for projects that require more power. The 18-volt battery powered cordless drill is good for screw driving and drilling into tougher surfaces. It comes in a heavy duty plastic case for safe storage.

A family affair

It’s not often that my kids see me wielding power tools but they were tuned in and very interested in my new gadgets. When they asked to get in on the action I quickly declined, noting that these drills were not toys however, there is a line of Bosch power tools made just for them. The brand is powering pretend play with a workbench, drill and a host of other tools. Santa might just bring them their own. Bosch toys are available at

These and other Bosch power tools are available at

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