Check Out These Retro Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones by Panasonic

Check Out These Retro Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones by Panasonic
Panasonic takes us back to the future with their new retro style Bluetooth headphones. The vintage design is a throwback to 70s era headsets with dual tone colors, large, plush ear coverings and an adjustable headband on a wire frame. While these headphones look like something from the past, they’re packed with technological enhancements of today.


Get fit
The wire frame is lightweight and slightly curved for optimal fitting. The headband and ear pads are covered in plush, synthetic leather which feels good against the skin and wipes clean. The first time I put them on, I noticed how good they felt over my ears. The earpads are large and thanks to their convex shape, they fit around my ears, as opposed to on them, which makes for a roomy, more comfortable fit. My only criticism is that the headband doesn’t fit as snug as I prefer. I wore them while jogging and had to adjust them slightly every few minutes to keep them in place. Otherwise, they were fine and stayed put.


Take control
The controls are located on the bottom of the earpads. You can control the volume, power them on and activate Bluetooth with a simple touch. Speaking of Bluetooth, offer Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Without the hassle of cables, HTX80B is portable and can be used during a range of activities including exercise. Panasonic totally committed to offering a wireless device, which is in line with the shift we’re experiencing either audio accessories. There is no option for a wired connection.


They also feature a built-in microphone – a rarity for premium headphones – which makes it easy to do things like take calls while wearing them. Perhaps the best aspect of these headphones is that the rechargeable battery provides approximately 150 minutes of music playback and about 24 hours of continuous playback on a full charge. I jog every morning and it’s so nice to reach for my headphones confidently, knowing they’re charged. The length of battery life holds up and I disconnected Bluetooth after each use to preserve it.


Sound off
So, let’s get to the point. How do they sound? The HTX80B headphones render clear, crisp sound that you can customize thanks to the Acoustic Bass Control. And remember that comfortable fitting curve in the earpads that I mentioned? It actually contributes to the sound quality. The dome shaped housings have a 40 mm driver unit and the air around it is optimized through the Acoustic Bass Control filter to produce sharp sound. I was able to hear my favorite tunes with the same splendor that I’m accustomed to.


The verdict…
The Panasonic HTX80B are an ideal choice for people like me who prefer wireless, over-the-head headphones. They sound good and they look even better. Learn more, here.


*A complimentary pair of headphones were provided for the purpose of this review. 

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