Breathe Easily with LG PuriCare

Breathe Easily with LG PuriCare
Living in the desert has its challenges and air quality is definitely an area of opportunity. In fact, this is such an area of concern that the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency launched a free smartphone app to help residents plan outdoor activities using real-time air quality data. Because the UAE is prone to frequent dust storms, sand particles and other pollutants fill the air which triggers respiratory problems in populations that are at risk like children and the elderly. My family knows these conditions all too well. Consequently, I keep a nebulizer machine on standby but I’d rather be preemptive than reactive so having an air purifier in our home might be the way forward.


PuriCare Comes Home
LG PuriCare  is a stand-alone appliance that blends seamlessly with minimalist home decor. It’s neutral and deceptively simple – meaning, there’s more technology packed into this air purifier than you’d think just by looking at it. It’s also big. PuriCare requires floor space as it doesn’t sit on top of a countertop or table. It might overwhelm a small space but it doesn’t compromise aesthetics. Initially, I thought it was too large for my flat but after a couple of days it blended in and became a nice fixture in our space.


Take Control
PuriCare has a circular Clean Booster on top of the device that rotates 35 degrees in each direction. The circulator rotates to distribute fresh air to every corner of the room. It also acts as a control panel where various settings such as swing, speed and time, can be set. The appliance can also be managed using a remote control that comes with it – a feature I found hard not to love – but I mostly left it in smart mode so I didn’t change the settings much.


Get in the Zone
PuriCare tackles both fine particles and odors using two separate sensors. But how do you know if it’s working? As the air is purified, the odor and dust indicators switch from red (most heavily polluted) to orange to yellow and finally green, indicating improvement. There’s also an LED display that indicates overall air quality. When air quality reaches the green zone, you know that PuriCare has done its job. The green zone is where you want to stay.


The Verdict
PuriCare is seen but never heard. The striking cylinder with two filters, a rotating booster fan and tons of tiny holes covering its exterior, works in silence. Furthermore, it’s compatible with LG’s Smart ThinQ technology which allows you to access and control the air purifier using a mobile device. PuriCare seems to work well but it’s a long-term solution. I think using the device over an extended period of time can lead to cleaner air and an overall healthier environment; hopefully, one where we reach for the nebulizer a little less.

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