BenQ GW Series monitors are good for gaming and easy on the eyes

BenQ GW Series monitors are good for gaming and easy on the eyes

BenQ G Series monitors are easy on the eyes

BenQ proves that all monitors are not created equal with its GW Series devices. The GW Series is crafted for display (pun intended) with its edge-to-edge, minimal design and slim profile. The monitor features an ultra-slim bezel and clean lines, which fits into any work – or in this case – play space seamlessly. 

Easy on the eyes

My kids have been begging for a TV in their room and the answer is always categorically, NO. Since the onset of the pandemic, schools have adopted hybrid teaching models and screen time has increased drastically for kids, so when the opportunity was presented to review a monitor I was a little apprehensive. However, a little research revealed that GW Series comes with BenQ pioneered eye-care technology, which helps eliminate the stress that traditional monitors put on the eyes, so I decided to give it a try. 

Out of the box

I’ll admit that things looked a bit intimidating during unboxing. The 24 inch, 1080P monitor (GW2480T) comes with a metal base, power cord, HDMI cable and a Quick Start Guide that helped me get through the initial setup. Turns out, it was pretty simple. The base is attached to the stand by tightening a simple screw. It literally took five minutes to construct, plug it in and power it up. 

The wow factor 

With the Nintendo Switch console hooked up and ready to go, the NBA2K logo appeared on the screen with crisp detail. The colors were true and vivid and but I noticed that the screen wasn’t illuminated or shooting glares like similar products. (I guess that low technology is really working) After the boys chose teams, uniforms and all that jazz and it was finally time for tip off. When the players started moving around on the screen I heard a unanimous, “WOW”. Animated graphics look amazing. This is supported by a combination of BenQ Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology (B.I.+ Tech) and HDRi technology. 

The verdict

My boys are in love with it and I feel a tiny bit better about the time they’ll spend on a screen that’s less stressful on their eyes. Setting it up was a snap but the controls weren’t quite as intuitive or accessible. The control buttons are located along the bottom, right edge of the frame. There’s a power button and four others that are linked to arrows on a virtual menu that appears on the screen. So for example, if the boys want to turn the volume down, they can’t simply tap a button. They have to call up the menu and then scroll via additional button pushes to the volume sub menu. They’ll get the hang of it but dedicated volume buttons would be more user friendly for their age group. 

The upside however, is that the height of the monitor can easily be adjusted. It slides up and down the stand with a gentle push or pull – something we’ve warned the boys not to do. Leave that part to us. Perhaps the coolest feature of the GW Series is its ability to swivel – yeah, you read that correctly. The monitor can rotate 90 degrees to both sides making Mario Kart a true off road experience for my young gamers. 

Let’s face it, kids have a tendency to destroy things but the textured surface of the GW Series is scratch resistant so its survival rate is looking really good. The BenQ GW Series monitor with eye-care technology is an ideal addition to my kids’ gaming center. Perhaps it’ll work for your kids too. You can buy it, here.

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