BassBuds Earphones Review

BassBuds Earphones Review


BassBuds were designed to be a fashionable accessory like the‘s oil diffuser necklace and it is also good for your health. They are available in 22 different colors and combinations. Consequently, I found it difficult to choose only one pair. With such variety, it’s possible to coordinate your Bass Buds with athletic gear, smartphone covers or any element of your personal style. The earphones give you an opportunity to be tech savvy and fashionable at the same time. They are made from precision cut aluminum and Swarovski Element crystal for a stunning, premium finish unlike the run-of-the-mill plastic earphones. Minor assembly is required to prepare the buds for use; each set of BassBuds comes with six sets of eartips, in three different sizes, that must be attached to the speaker end of the bud. The eartip is what establishes the connection between your inner ear and the sound chamber. I found this element of the design to be quite convenient because it allowed me to size the buds for my ear and comfort. I was also impressed with the packaging. The premium earphones were presented in branded box on a perforated, felt lined tray with eartips, an information leaflet, a warranty card, certificate of authenticity and my favorite – a branded draw string bag to store BassBuds and all of the accessories. You can visit the website when you want to get a loan to buy these earphones.

BassBuds Packaging and Contents

Sound Quality

I plugged BassBuds into my iPhone 5s, fixed them inside my ear and selected “If it Ain’t About the Money” by T.I. from my playlist. When I pressed play the song streamed into my ears loudly but more crisp and clearer than it does from my standard issue in-ear headphones by Apple. In fact, I had to lower the volume because the sound was amplified streaming through the BassBuds. Song after song played and I was satisfied with the sound quality. Apparently, there’s a lot more to these stylish earphones than the way they look. BassBuds are equipped with Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology which renders crystal clear HD audio quality with distortion-free bass and crisp treble. I guess they’re all about that bass and treble!


The BassBuds slogan is ‘Your Colour, Your Style’ and they meant it. As I mentioned above, it was hard to choose a color for my first pair but after wearing them, I’m convinced I need several more to optimize my gym aesthetic…yes, I just coined the phrase, “gym aesthetic”. BassBuds has two collections; classic and fashion. The classic collection comes in 10 different colors with black eartips and the fashion collection comes in a myriad of color combinations. In some cases, the buds and the chords are in contrasting colors for those who want to make a bolder style statement than others – people like me. I chose orange and blue and I love them. Versatility is key with any new tech accessory and I am pleased that I can use my BassBuds across all of my devices. Moreover, they don’t look like they’re tied to any particular device. Let’s face it, everybody knows when you’re using the earphones that came with your iPhone on your Samsung device and that’s not fun and fashionable at all. Another cool feature, that adds to the style file, is that eartips come in black or natural which gives the buds a totally different look when you switch them out. And, last but definitely not least, the eartips come in two varieties which include regular silicone or memory foam.



BassBuds functioned as expected but there was one unexpected perk. Now, the iPhone automatically pauses music when a call comes through. But, with traditional earphones, I would still have to touch my phone to answer or decline the call. BassBuds have a small remote and mic disc that allowed me to answer and end calls with a simple click of the integrated call control button. That saved me from having to stop my activity and fish my phone out of my pocket, wristband or the back of the stroller to take a call. Brilliant. Where I didn’t fair so well immediately was finding the most comfortable fit for my ears. I started using the smallest sized silicone eartips. With those, the buds would constantly slip out of my ear during my walk so I switched to the medium sized silicone tips. They were too large for me and made my inner ear feel compacted and weird. I tried each for a couple of days and eventually became so annoyed with trying to find the right fit that I started to pack them away. As I sifted through the things in the box, I discovered the memory foam eartips and decided to give those a try. Alas, the small sized memory foam eartips were a comfortable fit. I’m glad that I didn’t give up on the buds too quickly as I love having a bit a bling in my ear. I would be remisce if I didn’t note how nice and cocky I feel with Swarovski Elements sparkling in each ear. BassBuds sound and look great. Overall, I am pleased with the product. I will be on the look out for BassBuds version 2.0 which should include more colors and a wireless option, if we’re lucky.

Wearing my BassBuds

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