Android has an Accessibility Utility in its smartphone software that allows custom settings, but who knew? The utility, which is tucked away on the Settings menu, is designed to enhance the user experience for people with vision, hearing or motor and cognitive disabilities – but, anyone can benefit from them. You can choose from a list of settings that makes the phone function differently for core features like receiving calls. For example, if the Message/Call Voice Notifications option is turned on, caller information will be read aloud for incoming calls. This small change allows you to interact with the smartphone based on your particular strengths. Another great use of this utility is Flash Alerts which causes the phone to blink for incoming calls and notifications. For those with difficulty hearing, this setting could make a notable difference with regard to missing calls. Perhaps the most impressive of the options is Sound Balance; the ability to balance how sound is emitted from your mobile device. If perhaps, your hearing is more compromised in one ear than the other, you can set the sound balance to compensate for the weaker side. The utility, which I first discovered using the LG V10, is available on any device running Android 4.0 or higher and options vary across smartphone brands. For a complete list of available settings, locate and open the Settings app on your device and make your smartphone more user-friendly today.