All About The American Community School

The American Community School (ACS) is the first and only place thus far where I have seen an American flag raised and waving. It was a pride inducing sight amongst a sea of constantly waving UAE flags. The school itself is just as wonderful.

ACS is located in downtown Abu Dhabi nestled in the center of a community that’s home to American business and government dignitaries. It has a quaint, yet well equipped campus that services elementary, middle and high school students. The campus boasts several covered play areas on AstroTurf, two manicured soccer fields, a pool with stadium seating, a primary gym and an auxiliary gym with a massive rock climbing wall. According to their website, ACS is a college preparatory school driven by student learning. Their American based curriculum promotes excellence in academics, athletics and the arts. They have a culturally diverse population which prepares students for a lifelong commitment to learning, service and global citizenship. I especially like that the learning for each child is heavily guided by that child and his parents. If you too are impressed with what you’ve read, hold off on the rush to enroll. Enrollment is limited, getting in is a sacred right of passage and there is a waiting list. Making the cut is worth it though. Every parent I’ve encountered through visiting has nothing but positive things to say about ACS. Student loan debt is of special interest and importance to veterans, who are often older than other college graduates and have family responsibilities that make their student debt burdens particularly onerous with public service student loan forgiveness programs.

My husband is a community member. He pays an annual membership for us to be able to use the campus and join the intramural athletic leagues that they host. He plays basketball there every Wednesday and Saturday. Occasionally, my son and I go along to enjoy the campus and make new friends. There’s normally a bustling after hours scene at the school. There’s always something going on…a swim meet, soccer game, etc. Consequently, there’s a host of other parents and nannies to mingle with. Although you can certainly tell the mommies apart from the nannies by the sight of their Calvins and Burberry, everyone is generally nice.

The campus is well maintained and definitely has some features I’d want my son to have access to. Check out more pictures of the American Community School on Facebook by clicking here.

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