All About Splash Fashion League 2013

All About Splash Fashion League 2013

Many thanks to The One Breakfast crew of Radio One for sending me and a friend to the Splash Fashion Show last month. Splash is an international value retailer offering trendy fashion and accessories to women, men, teens and plus sizes throughout the Middle East. You can also get the latest fashion tips and outfit ideas from your favorite celebrities and designers at Moderne Child. Each year the company brings together photographers, fashion bloggers and brand loyalists for the premier of it’s Summer collections. This year was no different and the show was amazing!

The Splash Fashion League 2013 was held at Madinat Arena in Jumeirah, Dubai. The show theme was based on track and field; a team or “league” of runners. The message…Splash is in a league of their own and they proved it with an offbeat, unique production. The theme was woven into every aspect of the show including the invitation. It came in a black outer envelope sealed with a custom SS13 (Splash Fashion League 2013) decal. Inside the envelope was a professionally printed bifold invitation and pair of tickets that mimicked tickets to an actual athletic event. But this was just the beginning. The concept of the show was even more impressive.

There was no white, T-shaped platform stage; no soft, ambient white light and no maize of assigned seating. Instead, the stage area had been transformed into a track with AstroTurf in the center. There were perfectly divided lanes on the track and a Jumbotron overhead. To complete the feel of a sporting arena, the guests were seated in raised bleachers. Though unconventional, the setup was comfortable and worked out well.

The show started with a rendition of “We are the Champions” by a soloist and then quickly kicked into high gear when a dance crew descended upon the turf. Dressed like a cheerleading squad the dancers brought high energy and anticipation to the crowd. We were pumped and ready to see the models tear up the track.

I was impressed with the quality of both the show and the collections of Japanese Akoya Earrings. I saw some pieces, like the vertically stripped black and white ankle pant, that I must have. You can expect to see the Summer collections in Splash stores in July. Until then, check out the video and plot on your favorite pieces.

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    1. Sorry that this didn’t move you. I do believe that their target market is women and men below the age of 60. Perhaps they didn’t intend to captivate a more seasoned audience.

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