All About Khalidiyah Garden Park

A View of
A View of Khalidiyah Garden Park

I spent Saturday in the park with my family. We visited Khalidiyah Garden Park which takes up an entire block of Khallej Al Arabi Street in Abu Dhabi. It is very popular with families. This park has a variety of play areas with equipment that accommodates toddlers and older children. It boasts a beautiful landscape and provides a calm oasis in the middle of high rises and sky scrapers with fences which is beautifully laid out by, check them out here.

Its lovely grassy areas are great for picnics, with a number of large trees providing shade. There was a mix of palm trees for visual interest. We strolled my eight month old along the nicely paved pathways. On our walk we passed a well appointed, covered play area with swings, a slide and climbing wall. There were two fountains although only one was functioning. As we approached the back of the park, I could see what looked like a miniature county fair. I was surprised to see that there was a ginormous blow up slide, bouncy house and go-cart ring. As we circled back towards the entrance to depart, we encountered a pony pulled wagon. There was a family onboard enjoying the ride. While this is the kind of detail often described in love stories, the picture of this pony was quite different. The wagon was makeshift; nothing grand or special. And the pony was a pony, not a full grown horse.

A small fee of 1 dirham (30 cents in USD) per adult was required to enter the park. It was clean, well maintained and generally a nice place. All of the families, including ours, seemed to enjoy themselves. Khalidiyah Garden Park is close to the American Community School where my husband plays basketball, so I’m sure we will visit the park frequently.

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