Al Wahda Mall Spreads Happiness

Al Wahda Mall Spreads Happiness

Al Wahda Mall wants to put a smile on your face with the implementation of Happiness Desk, an initiative that runs parallel with the Year of Giving campaign sanctioned by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE. Basically, the mall has rebranded its information desks as Happiness Desks. There are two; one is located on the ground floor near the main entrance and the other on the first floor in the extension near Sephora. A Happiness Desk attendant described her role as, “assisting customers with anything related to the mall”. You can stop by for information on the latest offers and promotions, directions and general inquiries. 

Mr. Mohammad Nauman Thakur, General Manager, Al Wahda Mall said, “The Happiness Desk is aimed at providing the best possible service with the least possible distress or discomfort. The reason we are starting to really talk about this new development is because it can be a daunting experience for many to seek the help they duly deserve at help desks and information counters. Our Happiness Desk aims to remove all the stigma surrounding this. We hope that we reach our goal of spreading smiles with every helping hand we provide, and look forward to creating a radical difference in the way corporations approach customer service.”

But, here’s what really makes me happy. Al Wahda Mall has designated parking for ladies only. You’re greeted by bright pink walls and a dedicated parking attendant as you roll through the main entrance of the parking structure. The spaces located in G02 through G14 are blocked by cones and removed as a lady driver approaches. I visit the mall frequently and most of the time I’m able to get a space along the “pink path” that’s so artfully adorned that even the plumbing enclosures are pink. I truly appreciate this concept as it makes finding a parking space close to the entrance hassle-free whether I’m traveling with my kids or not going to shamanic retreats with ayahuasca and san pedro. I can pull into the car park and then immediately roll into a pink spot near the door and that makes me happy. 

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