A Better Beauty Regimen: 3 Secret Benefits of Bio Oil

A Better Beauty Regimen: 3 Secret Benefits of Bio Oil

Bio-Oil_Generic_60ml_ image copyWhen you hear the name, Bio Oil [emoji registered sign], you automatically think “prevent stretch marks”. But, did you know that Bio Oil [emoji registered sign] is a total body moisturizer? Moreover, it’s a multi-use product that can supercharge any beauty regimen.

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Bio Oil [emoji registered sign] is a specialist skin care product formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It’s also highly effective for combating dehydrated skin. Here are three lesser known, but effective ways to use the product…

Prolong the Pedicure. Come on, let’s face it. Pedicures don’t last forever but Bio Oil [emoji registered sign] can extend the smoothness. Excessive pressure on the feet pads make the skin extend sideways. If the skin surrounding the sides of the feet is dry, it will crack causing cracked heels. How unsightly! Moisturizing your feet with Bio Oil [emoji registered sign] at least once daily can help keep your heels sling back ready.

Turn Back the Hands of Time. Nothing gives away a lady’s age like her hands. Frequent hand washing can keep us healthy but compromise moisture in the skin. Using a drop of Bio Oil [emoji registered sign] after each wash can keep hands looking young and supple. As an added benefit, it also moisturizes cuticles. So go ahead and fool them; Shave a few years off.

A Good Foundation. A great face of makeup begins with healthy skin. The non-greasy, highly absorbent Bio Oil [emoji registered sign] formula is ideal as a face moisturizer. It can bridge the gap between a freshly washed face and a great make-up application, other ways to maintain good health and have energy, with supplements from Patriot Health Alliance.

Bio Oil [emoji registered sign] is sold in pharmacies and health and beauty retail outlets worldwide. For more information, visit the Bio Oil [emoji registered sign] website. For better skin, get you some today.

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