5 Minutes to Flawless with Max Factor Arabia

5 Minutes to Flawless with Max Factor Arabia

Okay, let’s start with the obvious – I’m not a beauty blogger. I wear makeup infrequently and when I do, the application is very basic. I don’t make impromptu visits to Sephora to buy the latest products nor do I keep an exorbitant amount of cosmetics on hand. Usually, it all fits inside a gallon size Ziploc bag (yes, until recently, I kept my makeup in a Ziploc plastic bag). However, when I decided to launch my YouTube channel earlier this year, I knew that I couldn’t go in front of the camera looking a hot mess – at least, not on purpose. Suddenly, makeup – and more importantly – my ability to apply it became a priority. I didn’t want anything elaborate, just an even complexion with eyes and lips that pop. I really need to attend a makeup application class (or two) but I haven’t found the time. Consequently, I’m stepping my game up in a grass roots kind of way by finding products that make it easy for me to get camera-ready. 

Five Minutes to Flawless

The way my life is setup, I have short, fixed amounts of time to record videos so a lengthy makeup session is out of the question. I can only spare five minutes of prep time to make myself ‘flawless’ and I’ve learned that choosing the right products is half the battle. That’s where Max Factor Arabia comes in with easy-to-use eye shadow pallets and mascaras that enhance my eyes beautifully. 

The Masterpiece Nude Palettes combine eight perfectly paired nude shapes in a single case. The colors are rich and come in three different textures including matte, shimmer and sparkly. This sets me up nicely to build and blend colors and saves me time because all of the right shades are already together. The shadows are made with contouring powder in natural hues that make my lids look silky smooth. I have two palettes, Rose Nudes and Gold Nudes, that I use to create two different looks that I call, ‘Berry Bae‘ and ‘Golden Girl‘, respectively. 

The most coveted item in my makeup bag is mascara. I have beautiful eyes – if I may say so myself – so it’s only right to play them up. I’m blessed with ample natural lashes too but I still love to plump, curl and lengthen them. False Lash Effect mixed with 2000 Calorie mascara are my go-to favs to make my eyes POP. 2000 Calorie has a curved brush which gives my lashes volume and a slight curl. I follow it up with False Lash Effect which has a huge brush and literally appears to double the size of my lashes. Both are waterproof and go on easily without smudging or flaking. 

So, there you have it – secrets from my life as a budding YouTuber. I’m no beauty queen but with the help of Max Factor Arabia, I can at least look the part. Oh, and I’m still going to attend a class (or two). 

Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Pallete
Golden Girl
Max Factor Masterpiece Nude Pallete
Berry Bae

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