4 Amazing things you didn’t know you could do with the ENTERTAINER

4 Amazing things you didn’t know you could do with the ENTERTAINER

Going digital gives you more perks than ever before.


After 16 years, The ENTERTAINER says bye-bye to the book and goes completely digital. And that’s the only thing they’ve abandoned as the 2-for-1 business model we’ve all come to know and love is still alive and well. But going digital has been the springboard for even more perks – some more of which, you may not be aware of. Here are four additional ways you can benefit by using The ENTERTAINER app:

1. You can share with friends.

Remember the good ‘ol days when you could pass your friend a coupon and let the good times roll? Well, you can still pass on the savings, it just has to be done digitally. The ENTERTAINER app allows you to share deals with up to 10 people by simply giving them your username and password. That’s it. Once they download the app and login they have access to all of the products you’ve purchased. The app also updates usage information so you never have to guess at which offers are still available.

2. You can earn points by using it.

The ENTERTAINER basically pays you to save. Smiles is a virtual currency system that works like a rewards or loyalty program. If you own an ENTERTAINER product you can earn Smiles in many different ways like redeeming offers and earning badges. So, how can you spend your points? You can use them to ping offers to your friends or buy more of your favorite offers if you’ve used them all.

3. You can buy back offers.

As mentioned above, if you’ve used all of the offers for your favorite venue – you can buy back an offer for 1,000 Smiles. Just select what you want to spend your smiles on and hit BUY. You can buy back one offer per merchant per account – even if you own multiple products on that account.

4. You don’t need a plus one to get 2-for-1.

This is by far my favorite feature as I’m a bit of a loner. You know, the introverted extrovert type who can be social but prefers not to, so I don’t always have someone to split deals with. Thanks to flexible guidelines, I can go to the nail spa alone and still get two services for the price of one. For example, I used the voucher for a gel manicure and classic pedicure at Bellacure Beauty Center in Abu Dhabi. I paid the full price for that visit and I was given a paper voucher to return and have the same service again within 90 days. I won’t have to pay a single dirham for the return visit. Now that’s winning in my book.

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