Picture People has officially opened in the UAE and I’ve already tried them out. At a picnic themed, in-store launch event media and guests were invited to attend and experience the service. The Dubai store, located inside Wasl Vita Mall, Jumeirah 1, was transformed into a garden with faux grass, Fatboy bean bags, gourmet lunch boxes and room for a magic show. But, amid the celebration business was conducted as usual as guests were scheduled for photo shoots. Here are three reasons why I’ll go back – even though the party is over…

1. Friendly Atmosphere

The store is ample sized and outfitted with three photography studios and areas for reception, viewing and grooming. While my Britax side-by-side, double stroller fits inside with no problem, they have nicely marked stroller parking just outside the store. I felt comfortable parking the stroller there and it actually made moving around inside easier.

My children, ages 15 months and 3 years, were being photographed. My oldest is a showman. Point a camera in his direction and he will strike a pose, switch it up, spin around, smile and dance – Check him out between Spider-man poses below. But my youngest, on this particular day, was not feeling it. He whined and protested and wanted to be held. He wouldn’t pose by himself or with his brother and refused to stay on the background. He kept trying to leave the room and rejoin the magic show. At one point – I don’t know how it happened – he fell out while in my arms and slid down the side of my body. It was terrible. (Hence the reason he doesn’t have a photo alone). Through it all the photographer remained calm, cool and collected. She also took cues from me as to when it was time to quit as opposed to forcing us to push through for a click quota. I appreciate that so much.

2. They Work Fast

The session took about 30 minutes. Then, we waited about 15 minutes for the photos to be loaded. After viewing them and making selections, the representative was handing me 4 printed photos (2 8×10’s and 2 5x7s) and 2 digital share photos on a flash drive after about 15 minutes. The turn around to time was amazing, especially with a cranky kid in tow.

3. Full Service Studio

Picture People is a one stop shop. They do everything under one roof. You can have your photos taken, printed, or digitally packaged all in the same day, in the same place. They also offer framing options which may add a little wait time but nothing unreasonable.

I had a very good first experience with Picture People photography studio and I’m already planning a sitting for the entire family. If you’re looking for fast, reliable, professional photography that’s also affordable, consider the special they’re running this month…

Mother’s Day Offer

4 Colour Portrait Sheets

1 16×20 Canvas

3 View & Share images on USB

1995 AED (usually 2555 AED)

Disclosure: The services mentioned above were complimentary.